The Basics for Avoiding GMOs in the Produce Aisle:

We may not have passed prop 37 YET, but that doesn’t mean Monsanto and its minions have won.  Sure GMOs are a lot of other places (i.e. corn and soy derivatives), but at least we can be sure about which of our produce is organic.  Unfortunately the labeling of the GMOs shown on the image below is not mandatory, but I believe time will change that…. please get behind  and initiatives in your state.  If genetically modified foods are safe, why are they so hesitant to label them???

I am excited to share though, that according to their website, all Trader Joe’s brand products are GMO FREE!  They don’t vouch for other brands in their store, so be sure to research those individually.

Please do share any opinions or facts about freeing ourselves and our families from the potential harm of genetically modified food products!  This an important conversation we should keep in motion!


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